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Very tasty, good value for money, will deffinently order again

Teriann Bailey, 31 Mar 2020

Excellent service listened to instructions really impressed thank you

Chris, 29 Mar 2020

Love love love the milkshakes!

Aimee, 29 Mar 2020

A delicious treat. Quick delivery. Thanks

Joel, 28 Mar 2020

All I want is a piece of dessert.

Yoshikage Kira, 19 Mar 2020

Ordered from here a few times and I love it

Abigail, 18 Mar 2020


Melissa, 14 Mar 2020

Awesome cookie doughs as always

Noname, 11 Mar 2020

I will not forgive anyone who insults my desert, no matter who he is!

Josuke Higashikata, 10 Mar 2020

DO YOU THINK THAT I, ROHAN KISHIBE, EAT DESERT FOR THE CALORIES!? I eat desert because I want to taste heaven!

Rohan Kishibe, 28 Feb 2020

Top place would 100% recommend to people

Noname, 26 Feb 2020

I'm going to eat you to death. ᴮᶤᵗᵉˢ ᶻᵃ ᴰᵘˢᵗᵒᵎ

Kira Yoshikage, 23 Feb 2020

Answer to my late night sweet cravings

Lourenz, 22 Feb 2020

Furqan, 18 Feb 2020


Nasreen, 16 Feb 2020

Great place.

Omar, 12 Feb 2020

There's only one reason you lost, DIO. I had MyDesert

Jotaro Kujo, 06 Feb 2020


Kayleigh, 05 Feb 2020

Very good dessert

Bawan Ali , 04 Feb 2020

Very good

Megan, 03 Feb 2020

Lero lero lero lero lero lero lero lero

Noriaki Kakyoin, 02 Feb 2020

fantastic desserts,fast delivery

Magdalena, 31 Jan 2020

Outstanding n great value for money from this desert place

Nad, 29 Jan 2020


Arraz, 28 Jan 2020

Love the food

Archie, 25 Jan 2020

Your snacks are no match for MyDessert!

Dio, 23 Jan 2020