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Nasreen, 16 Feb 2020

Great place.

Omar, 12 Feb 2020

There's only one reason you lost, DIO. I had MyDesert

Jotaro Kujo, 06 Feb 2020


Kayleigh, 05 Feb 2020

Very good dessert

Bawan Ali , 04 Feb 2020

Very good

Megan, 03 Feb 2020

Lero lero lero lero lero lero lero lero

Noriaki Kakyoin, 02 Feb 2020

fantastic desserts,fast delivery

Magdalena, 31 Jan 2020

Outstanding n great value for money from this desert place

Nad, 29 Jan 2020


Arraz, 28 Jan 2020

Love the food

Archie, 25 Jan 2020

Your snacks are no match for MyDessert!

Dio, 23 Jan 2020

JoJo! This is MyDesert! Take it from me!!

Caesar Zeppeli, 23 Jan 2020

This is the taste of a desert, MyDesert!

Bruno Bucciarati, 19 Jan 2020


Martin, 19 Jan 2020

Only have tried lotus biscoff, red velvet, and black forest. So far my favourite is lotus biscoff.

Lourenz, 12 Jan 2020

Website is easy and simple to use

Matt, 12 Jan 2020

A little expensive for what you get, but on par with other places providing similar products. Better service and quality than other places we've all tried as a family.

Claire, 09 Jan 2020


Gung, 07 Jan 2020

Thank you for great service

Simon Hope, 31 Dec 2019


Josh, 29 Dec 2019

amazing out of this world

Shahid, 15 Dec 2019

Very good food just would like the food quicker

Anekha, 12 Dec 2019

The service was excellent, fast and the milkshake is AMAZING! The waffle is so nice, much better and cheaper than little dessert shop, will be ordering again!

Sophie, 09 Dec 2019

Best deserts in STOKE!!!

Fahim, 07 Dec 2019

I wrote a note asking whether the ice cream / custard Was vegan and to not include them if so. Instead I received them and I didn’t touch them after smelling they were not. So some clarification would have been nice. Overall, yummy desserts, super quick delivery

Louise, 06 Dec 2019